Hey, thanks for stopping by! I’m Dan, an AI researcher and biomedical informatician by training hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota. I love creating technical and artistic solutions to tackle interesting problems starting from a blank canvas. I am purely mission-driven and passionate about work that helps people live better, more joyful lives. I’m happiest when I get to learn a lot on the job and when I get to make others smile.

I love growing with my collaborators and creating supportive communities among folks of diverse technical expertise and lived experiences. In my work, I draw from a broad background in project management, machine learning and AI, natural language processing (NLP), statistics, software development, data visualization, genomics, molecular biology, and pharmacology.

I have had the great pleasure of working with many wonderful teammates. Some of my work experiences have included developing NLP-powered knowledge frameworks with leaders in AI-driven drug discovery, pursuing multiple projects with a global coalition trying to make sense of emerging COVID-19 research, developing informatics tools and conducting biometrics analyses for multiple pharmaceutical companies, protein engineering of fluorescence-based high-precision sensors in the wet lab, and engineering software frameworks for a healthcare robotics company. Most recently, I conducted research under the advising of Russ Altman, investigating the automated creation of pharmacological knowledge representations from unstructured scientific literature and using these models to empower drug repurposing to address clinical need.

I hold a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics and an M.S. in Statistics from Stanford University. Previously, I completed a B.S. in Management (15) and Computer Science/Molecular Biology (6-7) and an M.Eng. in CS/MB from MIT, where I conducted research on noncoding genetic variation of complex diseases under the advising of Manolis Kellis.

I wish you all my best on your continued journey!
- Dan