Finding Beauty at the Intersection of
Music, Data, and Technology

Growing up at the piano, music has always been a second language to me. Rather than seeing art and technology as mutually exclusive, I seek beauty in the spaces where these two overlap. Much as technology will extend human intelligence, so will art extend human emotion. At the intersection of music, data, and technology, we can dream up new worlds for creating joy, awe, and play.

The following are a sampling of some of my proudest creations, but the journey is just beginning.

A Real-Time Audiovisual System for Jazz Piano, 2022.

A Python-based music informatics system for controlling LED lights around my studio in real-time in response to harmonic progressions in improvised jazz piano.

Three Cities, composition for full orchestra, 2019.

My first orchestral composition and my only grad school all-nighter. This piece tells a coming-of-age story through the lens of three cities: St. Paul, San Francisco, and New York. No matter where you go, you're never far from home....

From Artist Management to Activism: Carving your Own Path in the Music Industry with Kyle Frenette. Drop the MIC: Music Industry Conversations podcast. Original production, interview, editing, and compositions, 2021.

A wide-ranging conversation with Kyle Frenette, formerly the manager of Bon Iver about the music industry, the job of the artist manager and starting a Minneapolis-based firm, the formative days of Bon Iver, and Kyle's work championing meaningful activism through music.

Wonder EP, 2020.

My first EP born from an intensive workshop taught by Andrew Huang focusing on three principles: composition, sound design, and recorded vocals.