Augmenting Human Health and Happiness with Principled AI

Generative AI has generated huge buzz, which will undoubtedly fuel impactful applications...
...but also lead to many false starts.

As an LLM expert, I look forward to helping you cut through the technical noise and hone in your shots on goal.

AI is a powerful toolbox full of tools that can be wielded for awesome impact. When used appropriately, AI will help humankind live happier, healthier lives. Through my technical training in NLP (including LLMs and generative AI), knowledge systems, networks, and statistics, and my domain expertise in molecular biology, pharmacology, and genomics, I have seen how AI/ML power tools can give rise to thoughtful solutions to complex problems where there’s always more than meets the eye. I’m excited to collaborate with you to envision how we can use AI to enrich human life.

AI Consulting Services

As an AI consultant, I am glad to help work together on technical strategy and solution development. Some ways that I can help include:

Technical Depth

Subject Matter Expertise (non-AI)